Scalp Micropigmentation VS Hair Transplant

If you are dealing with a hair loss you should look into some long-lasting solutions. Both men and women can experience unwanted hair thinning, as well as hair fallout. This is why it is essential to spot it beforehand and prevent it at the beginning. Most times you can choose between two reliable and safe procedures. Those are scalp micropigmentation and hair transplant. Here is all about these two procedures, and which one is better for you.

Main facts about SMP

  • It has no downtime
  • It works for everyone
  • No scarring of any sort
  • More affordable
  • Safe to do
  • Demands 3 treatments and appointments

Main facts about a hair transplant

  • More expensive
  • It has a long downtime
  • You will be left with some scars
  • It is not suitable for everyone
  • Long-lasting results
  • One-time visitation only

Procedure for a hair transplant

Hair transplant is done by weaving hair surgically on some of your bald spots. During this procedure, the staff uses local anesthesia. When booking your procedure, you will have to look for someone who is a trained surgeon, as well as medical assistance staff members. The hair which you end up geting will be permanent, but it can end up looking synthetic as the time goes on.
SMP is a process in which an aesthetician creates and does pigment application on top of your scalp. These little dots are deposited with a pen-like tool and are very natural looking. The outcome a well as the application reminds a lot of tattooing, and the results are semi-permanent (usually for up to 5 years).

How long does the procedure take?

Hair transplant will take almost an entire day to do. It is also recommended that you stay in overnight so that the staff can monitor you, plus it takes time for the anesthesia to wear off. It will take around 6-9 months for you to spot some results, and it can take up to one year to notice an ideal change.
Scalp micropigmentation is way easier to do. The process is divided into three visitations, and each appointment takes around 3 hours to do. After these 3 appointments, you will already spot results. Your visitations should be done every 7-14 days, based on your doctor’s advice and beliefs.

Which treatment hurts more?

Hair transplant- since you are under local anesthesia you won’t feel a thing. You will sleep through your surgery and will wake up the next day, still obligated for bed rest. However, you may need some painkillers in the following days which your doctor will prescribe. It is also ideal to stay in for 3-5 days. Stay away from saunas, your workspace, gym, or even sun exposure. Let your skin heal and come back to its previous state.
Scalp micropigmentation is different for everyone since not everyone’s scalp is the same. We all experience different levels of sensitivity, meaning that it can be different each time and for each person. Ideally, it is recommended not to do SMP if you are on some drugs, or if you’ve had any facial cosmetic procedures just recently.

Which one gives better results?

Hair transplant is a permanent solution. This means that you will end up with hair follicles which are embedded in your head. These will grow as your normal hair would grow. However, this hair can look unrealistic and not as natural as your real hair. It can end up having a synthetic shine. Also, doctors have reported that a success ratio is one in a ten, which is not that high. Don’t forget that this treatment is over thousands of dollars and that it can be hard to do over some bald patches that you may have.
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